Hail Storm Experts

State Licensed Public Insurance Claim Adjusters ensuring full and fair claim payments for hail storm related events.

About Us

Full Representation

Because we are licensed through the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, your insurance company is required to deal with us from soup to nuts.  


  • File the intial claim with your insurance company
  • Schedule and meet your insurance company representative at your property to show them our findings
  • Negotiate and ensure you are paid fully and accurately for all damage

Why You Need Us

We are licensed by the state to specifically understand insurance policies and their provisions, from what is defined as "damage" to the full and proper cost to fix it.

Insurance companies do not come to your home with an open checkbook, and many times:

  • Much of the damage goes undetected, and 
  • Their representatives lack the proper construction knowledge to pay the claim properly!

Building Relationships

Total Public Adjusting processes hundreds of claims every single year, and most likely has dealt with your insurance company already many times.

Let us put this relationship, and our impeccable reputation to work for you.

Give us a call.  We'll give it to you straight.  If you don't get paid, we don't get paid!

What You Should Know


Will my rates go up?


Our clients are always happy to learn that weather related claims are the least surcharged and, in many cases, there is no rate increase by certain carriers due to the nature of the claim.


I looked at my house and I don’t see any type of damage. Should I be leery about calling?


You are just like 95% of our customers, and simply aren’t as familiar with what hail damage looks like. We have precise methods of identifying even the slightest damage, and the insurance companies examine and accept our findings.


I’ve received many letters. Am I part of some giant blanket mailing list?


Absolutely not, you were chosen based on the components of your home, and the direction it faces toward the storm path.


What does your service cost?


There is never any money out of pocket for our service! There is absolutely no cost for us to inspect the home and confirm it qualifies for funding. If we take the case, then our fee is paid ONLY from claim proceeds. If, for any reason, at any time, there is no claim check for you, then there is no fee.


How successful are you with these types of claims?


In total, we have successfully completed over 10,000 hail damage cases exactly like yours. We have a 100% success rate. Your home should be no different.


I don’t have much free time. What is needed from me to get started?


Our license from the PA Insurance Department give us the right to fully represent you. There are two simple forms to sign, and then we get to work and handle everything else. Your insurance company MUST deal directly with us for everything related to the claim. You simply wait for the check.


After I get paid, what are my   obligations for the money I receive?


Your insurance company will not require you to perform the repairs for the cosmetic damage. If you choose to use the money in some other way, there are just a few simple conditions, which I can explain further in person or by phone.

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